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We want you to be totally fulfilled with your purchase and get the best of your shopping extravaganza. Our Cancel policy is in sync with your complaints. If you wish to cancel a product you purchased, kindly review the complete details of our cancel policy below to determine if any special return conditions apply.

While most of the non-perishable items can be canceled, they are subject to the following guidelines as per “Conditions for Return”:

b) Refund/Cancel for non-delivery of Items:
Non-Perishable Items: In case of missed/non-delivery of non-perishable items, while the recipient is away, the order will be repeated once more after the stipulated day. In case of non-delivery of an item altogether, then the cancel for the same will be made.

Perishable Items: For delivery of cakes, flowers and sweets the delivery of items will be attempted only once. Being perishable in nature, there will be no refund against such items.

d) Refund against cancelled orders:
Refund will be made only against accepted cancelled orders.

Conditions for Cancel:

  • Must be cancel within 12 hours of the booking.
  • Refund will always be in the form of Snooky wallet.
  • Some special rules for promotional offers may override the Cancel Policy.